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First release of the MCPTT Wireshark Dissector

Nemergent team wants to share with the community a useful tool for analyzing Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) communications designed by 3GPP.

Wireshark is a popular protocol analyzer used worldwide. This new MCPTT Wireshark dissector developed by the Nemergent team enables the visualization of MCPTT floor control messages and their internal information. The work is conformant with 3GPP TS 24.380 version 13.0.2 (Release 13). Please, visit our repository to access the source code.


Some days ago the Nemergent team finished the first release of its MCPTT AS. Comprehensive flow diagrams for both private calls and group calls were uploaded in the links below:

The floor control messages which appear in these flow diagrams provide the same internal information that the users would obtain with Wireshark or TShark if they installed the MCPTT dissector. Installation instructions of the plugin for these programs are included in the README file in the source code tree.

Below there is an example of a floor control message of a real wireshark capture analyzed with our dissector:


May 30th, 2016

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