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MCPTT wireshark dissector upgraded with MB2-C and MCCP

As an example of our commitment to open systems and interfaces we released on late May 2016 the initial version of a Wireshark dissector targeting MCPTT protocols.

We developed a LUA based dissector that allowed decoding MCPTT messages simply by placing the dissector in the proper path, with no need to recompile Wireshar/tshark. More specifically it implemented MCPT, the RTCP APP based floor controlling mechanism.

Now, we enhance the dissector with eMBMS related protocols (MB2-C and MCCP).

MB2-C is based on diameter and allows MCPTT Servers interfacing with BM-SC


MCCP is another RTCP APP based signaling protocol aimed at controlling eMBMS subchannels.


Check Nemergent github repository for more info.

November 5th, 2016

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